One Plus 8 Pro

The forthcoming ‘One Plus 8 Pro’ smartphone model of One Plus has leaked

OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone specifications from the Chinese tech company One Plus have leaked. The phone was identified and given information on some of its specifications on the Geekbench Chinese benchmark site. A strong Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor will power the handset. In addition, 8 Series OnePlus 8 Lite smartphone will be available. GALILEI IN2023 […]

India's strongest communications satellite will launch on 17 January
Technology and Science

India’s strongest communications satellite will launch on 17 January

ISRO is set to launch GSAT-30, the nation’s most powerful communications satellite, on 17 January. The country’s communication system will be better with the launch of this satellite. New Internet technology is likely to be introduced in the country with the help of this. At the same time, communication networks will be facilitated by the […]


Green Tea Full of Antioxidants, Antibiotic Resistance

Green Tea, full of antioxidants, is one of the most widely used drinks in the world and is also known as Magical Drink because of its many benefits. Drinking green tea not only reduces weight but also helps to control blood pressure, control cholesterol, in addition to being healthy, relieves stress, increases immunity and helps […]