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The entire Industry Analysis News team works day and night to deliver the latest topics to our readers. Here we work as a family and we consider all our readers as a major part of this family. The contributors at Industry Analysis News always keep up to date about the latest technology related global events and happenings and share those fresh topics to our readers. This website is created to be used as an open platform by our readers to read and know about the latest technology inventions taking place worldwide. We always welcome new ideas and views from our readers so that we can keep on improving our website.

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Charlie Gefen: Writer And Editor

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Charlie Gefen holds more than 7 years of experience in the field of Technology & Science related publications, covering all the regional news as well as global technology related news. Now Charlie Gefen plans to shift to the global technology industry coverage. He is also a editor & copy editor at the Industry Analysis News.

Nikunj Sonagara: Editor

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Nikunj is a professional writer having more than 5 years experience in this field. Nikunj is a technology geek and is always enthusiastic to know what is happening in the technology world. So, he brings every new technology related news to the Industry Analysis News and shares it globally with all readers.

David Brown: Contributor

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David has been working as a contributor writer for many years. He carries a unique style while writing contents for Industry Analysis News. He is well reserved about the current happenings throughout the world. He tries to keep updated about the current technology news and severs them directly to the readers of Industry Analysis News.