Alan Musk Building a microchip that connects the human brain to a smartphone
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Alan Musk Building a microchip that connects the human brain to a smartphone

In the coming days, if a chip can read a human brain, then no wonder! The founder and CEO of SpaceX Alan Musk is currently making chips that can read human brain. On July 16, he had put this thing in front of the world. The name of this startup is neurolink. He presented a flexible chip that can be fit in the brain. This chip will be implanted in the brain. Chip works on Artificial Intelligence. User’s brainstorm will come in his smartphone

Alan Musk said that this chip will help a lot for the future. It can be used to increase user memory or in a neurological problem. Besides this, chip will be blessed for those suffering from paralysis. This microchip can read the patient’s brain and collect data. Neurolink currently tests this chip on monkeys and mice, which has been successful.

The chip is much slim. It is connected to the 1000 wire. Chip thickness is similar to a tenth of human hair. Neurolink said that it took us more than 2 years to build this chip. The device will be installed in the brain like a robot. The doctor will use a robot to give a 2-millimeter hole in the person’s skull, then this chip will be put in it.

Neurolink Startup said that after the successful experiment we will get the approval of the Food and Drug Administration for human trials in the beginning of 2020.

Neurolink technology will work through chip and wire in human brain. This will be a link to the chip removable pod, which will be mounted on the back of the ear and connecting with another device without a wire. Doing this will save everybody’s brain information in a smartphone or computer. This technology works on artificial intelligence. According to the American media, Alan Musk has invested $ 100 million in Neurolink.

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