Amazon becomes the world's most valued brand

Amazon becomes the world’s most valued brand

Amazon has become the world’s most valued brand. Amazon has broken Google and Apple’s 12-year record. Amazon’s brand value is $ 31,550 million. Amazon’s brand value increased 52 percent in the last one year. Apple’s brand value reached the second position with $ 30,950 million. Google is third with $ 30,900 million.

According to Cantor’s Global Brand Ranking 2019, Google or Apple has been Top One since last 12 years. Google ranked first in 2018 LIC is the 68th most prominent Indian brand in the world. Its brand value is 1.4 lakh crore. This ranking was first released in 2006. Microsoft was ranked first.

Amazon’s current brand value is 409 percent more than Microsoft’s brand value in 2006. Amazon’s brand value increased 52 percent in the last one year. While Apple has registered a growth of 3%, Google has grown by 2%. Microsoft’s brand value has risen 25% to the fourth position. Microsoft’s brand value has been the highest since Amazon in top-10 companies.

Cantor Staulehurst, global strategist director of Canter, said that Amazon’s brand value has been rising in the last few years. Amazon has now become an ecosystem ahead of the online business. Never have Amazon been able to experiment and fail. Today it is getting the biggest benefit. Next time Amazon will maintain the position at the top. In the top-10, the value of only two brands has fallen in a year.

The top-100 brand value in the list is worth Inr. 23 lakh crores increase. Whose total brand value is about Inr . 329 lakh crore. Spain, Korea, and Russia are the equivalent of the total GDP. The top-100 brand value has increased by 7% in a year. Which is twice as fast as the global GDP growth.

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