Apple will launch new version of mobile operating system
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Apple will launch new version of mobile operating system

Tech Company Apple is going to launch its new version of the mobile operating system, ios 13. The announcement can be made at the company’s annual developer conference, which runs from June 3 to 7. Moreover, new features and tools are also being launched in software and hardware. ios 13 will be a part of the iPhone 11 which will be launched this year. Users will get new Home Screen, Dark Mode setting, Multi-Tasking Capabilities and undo’s options.

iOS 13 will not support all Apple devices. OS will not support iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone S, iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 2 In this conference, the company can also launch a Mac Pro version of the update.

The default messaging app iMessage in iOS 13 can also be upgraded. It will create a user profile like a Whatsapp. In the new operating system, Find My App and Find My Friends can also offer features like. In the iOS 13, health apps and updated maps also available. Dark Mode is one of the features of iOS 13. These features were first seen in Android apps. Besides, this feature is also available in Android’s latest operating system.

Sleep mode can also come in iOS 13, users will not receive any notifications after activating this mode. Users can use this mode later, after which they will not get any notifications until the morning. Personalized access can also be provided with slip mode. It can also be accessed by multiple users on the iPad. Apart from all these features, many major changes can be seen in iOS 13.

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