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India's strongest communications satellite will launch on 17 January
Technology and Science

India’s strongest communications satellite will launch on 17 January

ISRO is set to launch GSAT-30, the nation’s most powerful communications satellite, on 17 January. The country’s communication system will be better with the launch of this satellite. New Internet technology is likely to be introduced in the country with the help of this. At the same time, communication networks will be facilitated by the […]

Xiaomi Products
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Xiaomi Will be launch 10 Products in India by 2020, including smart fish tank, jacket and electric pressure cooker

Chinese tech company Xiaomi is releasing a smart device quickly on the Indian market. Xiaomi is now populating the world not only for its amazing smartphone quality, but also for its unique products. On the global market, the company has introduced many other products, including smart fish tanks, electric cookers and smart jackets, which can […]

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Google Map will be added ‘incognito mode’

Google Maps app will soon add ‘incognito mode’. According to XDA developers’ reports, this mode is being tested for Android. This feature will be launched globally. Other features will be added as well. ‘Eye-free’ walking navigation mode According to this report, ‘i free’ walking navigation mode will also be provided in 10.26 versions of Google […]