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Technology and Science

Google Map will be added ‘incognito mode’

Google Maps app will soon add ‘incognito mode’. According to XDA developers’ reports, this mode is being tested for Android. This feature will be launched globally. Other features will be added as well. ‘Eye-free’ walking navigation mode According to this report, ‘i free’ walking navigation mode will also be provided in 10.26 versions of Google […]

Technology and Science

PhonePe Country’s second largest digital payment company

Walmart bought Flip-kart India’s largest e-commerce company for $ 16 billion. Walmart may have pointed out perhaps at the digital payment medium PhonePe in the deal. On the date of today, the PhonePe is included in the country’s top startup list. Which was Walmart’s biggest merger. Flip-kart Board recently transferred the PhonePe to a new […]