China made an ultra-long-range AI camera
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China develop an ultra-long-range AI camera

Chinese explorer has created a camera using the new technology. This camera is capable of taking photos of 45 kilometers away. Based on Artificial Intelligence, this camera also uses LIDAR (Light Detection and Range) technology. The camera can take photos of a large-scale object.

According to researcher Zheng Ping Li, camera technology has used laser imaging and advanced artificial intelligence software. It can also photograph the atmosphere in the presence of smoke or any other pollution.

The inventor claims, the camera made by this new technology has put another competitor behind the camera. Apart from this, the camera has also been used in getting the software. This software helps to ignore the photons of objects and other things between cameras.

AI camera uses a laser to measure the distance. It also detects how long it takes to hit the light object and return to camera. This feature allows the camera to take a photo at a greater distance.

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