Cinema tickets can be booked using voice command alexa
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Cinema tickets can be booked using voice command alexa

Smart speakers are increasing rapidly around the world. Amazon is the world’s largest company in the field. His voice command system Alexa was more used to listen Songs, light on-off, listen to news, and get answers to questions related to general knowledge until now, but in the short time, you can plan your evening on Alexa with Weekend.

This facility will be launched in a few months. Amazon has provided information about this at the Artificial Intelligence Conference in Las Vegas. Amazon’s Vice President and Hat Scientist Rohit Prasad said in his presentation that complex tasks can be done easily using Alexa. Alexa also booked the movie ticket.

Alexa asked the user after booking the ticket, would he like to eat in the restaurant near Cinema Hall? After receiving the answer, Alexa also booked a table in the restaurant. And then asked whether or not to use a taxi to go there. Yes in response he had booked uber cab. Rohit said that to complete these three tasks, it was necessary to have communication between Alexa and the user for about 40 times. Which will now only be possible in a 13 conversation. It only takes 1 to 2 minutes.

Alexa Artificial Intelligence helps in solving complex tasks easily. It comes with advice as well as understanding the user’s point of view. Amazon has used the software called Cross-Skill Acne Predictor for it. Which gives action on the commands given by Alexa user. It also makes other recommendations to the user.

Amazon also displayed a new drone delivery of goods in the conference. The Drone is capable of delivering up to 2.3 kilograms of luggage up to 24 kilometers. According to Amazon, this service will be started in a few months. Do not report where the service will start. The US Aviation Department said that the company has received a license for a drone delivery in the United States. So, it is a sign that it would start from the United States.

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