Due to the use of Blueberry, the risk of heart disease decreases 20%

According to a study conducted by researchers at King’s College London, the risk of heart disease decreasing by 20% due to the use of Blueberry. Cardiovascular system works better than consuming 200 grams of Blueberry in a month and blood pressure remains normal. As mentioned in this study, the problem of blood pressure proves to be as effective as Blueberry. Blueberry contain anthocyanins chemical which is beneficial for the body.

Due to high blood pressure, the risk of heart disease is the highest. If the person is not treated for a period of time, then he is at risk of having heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.

In this study conducted on 40 people, everyone was given 200 grams of Blueberry a day. Thereafter, all blood pressure, urine and blood tests were carried out. Studies have shown that blood vessels began to work better within 2 hours of consuming 200 gm Blueberry. According to researchers, there are plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals in Blueberry. The risk of heart disease decreases by 20% due to continuous use of Blueberry for one month.

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