Google launches Nest Hub Max
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Google launches Nest Hub Max

In the ongoing Google Developers Conference in California, USA, the company has launched a number of new products. At the beginning of this event, the company has launched two new smartphones and a new operating system Q. To build a portfolio of Smart Home Devices, Google has launched Nest HUB Max, which has smart displays, smart speakers and cameras. This device supports both Android and iOS systems.

Google’s Nest Hub Max has a smart speaker, smart camera and a smart display. It has a 10-inch HD display, which has a 6.5 mega pixel camera on top.

Smart cameras in the device can be used for many other things like video chats (via Duo), home surveillance. Like a small TV you can watch videos too. The new nest hubs also feature a face match lock, 6 user’s face can be saved in a nest hub max.

The company has prepared this model keeping in mind the user’s privacy. The device’s green light indicates that the camera is in video mode. The company said that Google Nest Hub will be the first to launch in the United States. The device will start selling in the United States next month, with the starting price up to 250 USD. The company has not clarified about when this device will be launched in APAC.

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