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Google Map will be added ‘incognito mode’

Google Maps app will soon add ‘incognito mode’. According to XDA developers’ reports, this mode is being tested for Android. This feature will be launched globally. Other features will be added as well.

‘Eye-free’ walking navigation mode
According to this report, ‘i free’ walking navigation mode will also be provided in 10.26 versions of Google Maps. With this mode the user will not have to look in his mobile phone frequently for guidance on the road while walking. This mode will provide the user with route information by voice. Last month, Google added the ‘Live View’ navigation mode to the map.

The bike-sharing station feature will also be added to Google Maps to help people benefit more. With this feature, the user can get the address of the bike sharing service station around his location.

By 2020, Google will launch features like ‘Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimit’ and ‘Mobile Radar’ location in 40 countries, including India.

In July 2019, Google added 45,000 community and public toilets to Google Maps under the central government’s ‘Lou Review’ campaign. The ‘Lou Review’ covers 1700 cities in India.

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