Google stopped production of tablet, now look at the pixel laptop

Google stopped production of tablet, now look at the pixel laptop

Google has now decided to stop making the tablet. Rick Osterloh, Vice President of the company’s Devices and services said that Google’s hardware team is now focusing on the tablet. The company’s focus will now be on laptops with the Chrome operating system. However, Chrome and Android teams will continue to work on the tablet in the market. Not only that, the new tablet which was to be launched in the company market will also take a break.

Google launched a tablet called Pixel C in 2014. Tech Expert has made this tablet better than the iPad. However, in a tablet competition, the pixel tablet was gradually lagging behind. Apple and Samsung’s tablets are being preferred by people in the market.

Rick Osterloh said that currently the tablet available in the market will get updates of software and security by June 2024. People who have this pixel tablet are not required to panic. Company tablet team for pixel laptop will also be included. According to the media report, by the end of this year, the pixel laptop will be launched in the market.

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