India's strongest communications satellite will launch on 17 January
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India’s strongest communications satellite will launch on 17 January

ISRO is set to launch GSAT-30, the nation’s most powerful communications satellite, on 17 January. The country’s communication system will be better with the launch of this satellite. New Internet technology is likely to be introduced in the country with the help of this. At the same time, communication networks will be facilitated by the development of a network in a country where there is no mobile network.

What’s a GSAT-30 Satellite?
The GSAT-30 is the most powerful communications satellite in the GST series. The country’s media will be greatly improved with the help of this. Currently there are 14 satellites in the GSAT sequence. The media in the country is established because of this.

Where is the GSAT-30 satellite going to be launched?
On 17 January, ISRO will launch the GSAT-30 European heavy rocket Ariane-5 by ECA at 2.35pm. The GSAT-30 weighs about 3100 kg. It’s going to work like an inset satellite. The satellite will be launched from the Kourou launch base in French Guiana.

The benefits of GSAT-30 work?
With the help of GSAT-30, the country will benefit from communication media, television broadcasting, satellite news management, geo-special features working for society, weather information and forecasting, natural disaster forecasts, research-rescue operations.

How long does the GSAT-30 Satellite work?
The satellite will operate for India for 15 years after its launch. It’s going to be installed in the Geo-Elliptical Orbit. It will have two solar panels and a battery to supply it with energy.

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