Microsoft launches the folding 'Surface Duo' smartphone

Microsoft launches the folding ‘Surface Duo’ smartphone

Microsoft introduced the Surface Duo, a 2-screen folding phone, at a laptop launch event in California on Wednesday. This mobile is running on the Google Android operating system. The selling of this phone will begin next year. You can also keep this phone in your pocket.

This mobile has a 5.6 inch 2 screen. Unfolding the mobile will take the screen size to 8.3 inches.

Apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store from this new Microsoft phone. The two screens on this device are tied together using the hinges. This leads to a space in the middle of your mobile.

The second display of the phone can be used for texting and gaming functions. The mobile will be supported with a fingerprint reader and a USB Type-C slot.

No further information on this phone have been released by the company. Nevertheless, the screen can be used in many ways by folding the 360-degree folding mobile.

  • The sale of this phone will be start from next year
  • Unfolding the phone brings the display size to 8.3 inches
  • The phone works on the Google Android operating system
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