Microsoft Tried Four Day Week concept in Japan, Productivity Increases 40%

Microsoft Tried Four Day Week concept in Japan, Productivity Increases 40%

While India is preparing to increase its office time to 9 hours to get more work from government employees, on the other hand, Software’s giant company, Microsoft, has done the opposite to increase the productivity of its employees. The company worked with its employees only 4 days a week for a month. This significantly boosted their productivity and increased by 40% over the same period last year.

In August, Microsoft experimented with its Japanese service. The company made 2300 employees leave for 3 days on Friday, with an extra weekly leave. This is how staff just work 4 days a week. According to the organization, employees did not have to rest on their remaining holidays during this experiment. Plus, he took the weekends short with so many holidays.

Microsoft stated, based on the outcome of the trial, that this increase in productivity is due to a decrease in meeting time. No meeting lasted for more than 30 minutes. Emails will be answered shortly. The decisions are taken immediately. While, electricity consumption decreased by 23.1 percent and paper consumption also decreased by 58.7 percent.

Small companies have so far tried the Four Week Day concept, but Microsoft’s experiment has shown that this formula can also be applied to large companies. It has even been called a success by a New Zealand company for two months.

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