Now e-tattoos will prevent body from heart disease

Now e-tattoos will prevent body from heart disease

Scientists have developed e-tattoos to monitor the activities of the heart. Scientists claim that this works better than fitness tracker. This device has been prepared by scientists at the University of Texas. It conveys heart-related information to the user through ECG and SCG.

According to the researcher, the e-tattoos have very thin and easily stretched sensors have been used. This is better than the fitness tracker available in the market. Because the filamentary serpentine polyvinyl fluoride is used, which makes it very mild. For this reason, it can be worn for a long time.

The e-tattoo looks like a snake. Its length is 38.1mm and width is 63.5mm. E-tattoos are stick on the chest to use. This is connected to the smartphone. Heart beat is normal or safe from diseases by sending the information to the phone. Researchers are working on the wireless charging technique. In addition, the process of storing the device data is also being improved.

According to Professor Nanshu Luna, only ECG is not enough to detect heart disease. Therefore, the feature of SCG has been given in the e-tattoo. At present, the SCG featured fitness tracker is available. But due to heavy weight, it can not be used for a long time.

Co-relation technique has been used for 3D digital image in e-tattoo. Using this technique, it is found that in which part of the chest vibration is taking place, where e-tattoo is applied, it will get better results.

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