Now the smart sensor dress will tell whether your sleep has been completed or not

Often it happens that even if we wake up in the morning, it may seem that sleep is not yet complete. Now you will know how true this is. Now the night dress worn while sleeping means trousers and shirts will tell whether your sleep has been completed or not. Trusa Andrev, a researcher at Massachusetts University in Elmhurst, USA, and his team have prepared a pair of trousers and shirts for wearing while sleeping, with sensors in it.

These sensors measure your breathing pattern, night droplets, and heart rate tremens. The shirt made with this trouser will also look at the quality of sleep. For example, when you have a severe sleep or if you have any problems in breathing, etc.

Five sensors have been installed in this smart shirt. Four sensors measure body pressure in a continuous bed. When the fifth sensor on the part of the chest signals the heart rate. These sensors are connected to a wire, which is sewn with a silver coated cord, so that it does not appear out. These clothes can be washed easily in a washing machine.

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