Sales of smartphones in India increased by 4%, xiaomi tops with 29% shares

In the first quarter of this year in India (January-March), smartphone sales have increased by 4% compared to the first quarter of last year. In these three months, a total of 3.1 million smartphones were sold. As per information came to light in the counterpoint research report. In comparison, data usage in India is increasing and people are changing their phones faster than other countries. Growth is seen due to this.

According to the report, Chinese smartphone company xiaomi’s market share has dropped by 2%. Even though it is in the market with 29% of the shares in the first place. Samsung (23 percent) second position and ViVo (12 percent) is at third position.

At the beginning of the year, according to the Report, Indians change their smartphones every 17 months. Metro cities people are buying new devices every 16 months. When people in city are taking a new smartphone every 18 months. Global timing of smartphone replacement is 21 months. People in China change their phones every 22 months. In Japan every 26 months and in America every 32 months people change smartphones. Mobile replacement cycles in the European Union are 28 months old.

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