Samsung launched smart cameras, bulbs and plugs

Samsung launched smart cameras, bulbs and plugs

South Korea’s Samsung company has launched smart cameras, Wi-Fi plugs and smart bulbs in the US. Customers can now buy all these products in the United States. Samsung’s smart product starts from 700 rupees. Google and Amazon products are likely to be hit exactly after this smart gadget arrives in the market. Smart devices in any corner of the world will be able to control users using smartphones mobile app.

Smart bulbs, Wi-Fi smart plugs and smart cameras have been launched under the Smartthings project. Smart bulb costs Rs 700, Wi-Fi plug is priced at Rs 1200 and smart camera costs Rs 6200. Customers will be able to buy this device from Samsung’s official website, Best Buy Outlet Website and some retail stores in America.

Smartphones are the most expensive item camera with 6200 worth of smart cameras. This camera supports full HD recording and HDR. It is capable of recording up to 145 degree view. The camera’s interactive talk features two-way audio. With this camera, you can talk to children or pets at your home, even sitting in the office. Smart camera does a great videography at night. Cameras recognize men, animals and cars. Every item in the Samsung phone can be controlled using the Smarthorns app installed on the phone.

Smart camera offers 24-hour free cloud storage backup. This feature is only in four cameras. Apart from this, Samsung will charge a month’s 500 rupees for eight cameras. Consumer cameras can also be seen by smartphones in apps like Mobile App or Samsung TV.

The Samsung Smart Bulb is a 9-watt LED bulb. This bulb supports voice commands. Apart from that, it can be ordered even with the help of an app. Automatic light starts with the door open as soon as the door is opened.

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