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Students Developed ‘Automatic Train Engine Devices’, Trains Will Be Stop automatic On The Platform

one year ago, leaving the station on the next platform after the driver got stuck on the Dwarka railway platform . Following this incident, the students of VGEC, Kuldeep Zala, Sonagara Prakash, Ramesh Chaudhary and Jai ​​thought that the accident can be avoided by creating a kind of device that creates an automatic stop train on the platform. At the cost of only two and a half thousand students have developed a single module in which the train will stop automatically from reaching the platform.

How the Modules Work: This works on the modular transmitter and receiver. A transmitter will be placed on the platform. This transmitter will signal the train using the radio frequency. They will signal the train to stand on the next platform by recreating the receiver that is installed in the train engine. When the train starts reaching the platform, the speed of the train will start slowing down automatically. All of these processes do not require a driver. The entire system will work with the automatic control room on the train and platform.

Only two and a half thousand were developed at a cost: Stuild Kuldeep Singh Zala, who worked in the project, said, “Such modules will prevent the accidents from occurring due to driver’s fault in the railways. This type of system is very expensive but we have developed this module at a nominal cost of only two and a half thousand. Which we will give to the railway after some kind of testing and appeal to it.

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