Success in finding treatment of Bubble Boy disease

There are many diseases in the world, which we have never heard of. There is an illness from the same Bubble Boy. This is a life-threatening illness. Researchers have been struggling for many years to find the treatment. Eventually researchers have found success in finding the treatment of this disease. Scientists have claimed that he has been successful in treating many children with gene therapy for the first time in the world, who have suffered from fatal illness ‘Bubble Boy’.

Bubble Boy is a genetic disease in children, in which there is no child’s resistance system or it is not active. If a child is not treated then he dies at a very young age. The illness is named after ‘Bubble’, which means it is temporarily like a bubble. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has developed these gene therapy. There were 10 children suffering from this disease. After the treatment of these children, they started becoming resistant cells like T cell, B cell and natural killer (NK).

According to Researcher Evelyn Mamcor: “These children are now beginning to see the effect of vaccine. In the world, the infections present in the world have started becoming all resistant cells to live normal lives. These ten children were given experimental therapy. This therapy has been developed by Brian Sorrentino, Head of Hematology Department of the hospital. ‘ Brian died before the research was released.

In this therapy, a virus is inserted by taking bonmers from the children’s body and through it the child is inserted in real form of IL2RG gene in DNA of the stem cell of the child. This cell is then freeze and its quality is tested. Before re-entering the patient’s body, it is given a certain amount of medication for two days. In most incidents, children are given leave from the hospital within a month. Finding Bubble Boy’s Treatment is a great news for the mothers of the sufferers of this disease.

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