The Artificial Intelligence System will tell about your mental health

The Artificial Intelligence System will tell about your mental health

Now a person’s voice will know whether he will suffer from a mental illness in the future. Scientists have developed a system equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that analyzes the sound. Understand hidden signals in the language, depending on which future diseases will be known. This system was developed by American Emory University.

According to research published in the NPJ Journal, systems equipped with artificial intelligence are typically analyzing two types of words in language. The first words that the person uses most loudly. Other words that we can not speak clearly Based on this, accurate information can be obtained up to 93% of future mental illnesses.

Emery University researcher Negui Rezai says that the new technique is very sensitive and finds a pattern that we can not easily see. This is like a microscope, which warns of diseases already occurring. Identifying these words in the language is like looking at the micro-bacteria in the eyes.

According to research’s conclusion, the machine recognizes disorders associated with language that are associated with mental illness. Researchers say psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia usually appear to be at the age of 20. In this case, 25-30% of cases can be identified before 80% of the time with counseling. But with the help of new technology it will be able to know more quickly.

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