The smallest Android PC in the world launched
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The smallest Android PC in the world launched

China’s technology company B2Go has launched the smallest Android X96S (wireless dongle) PC ever. The size of this gadget is equal to that of a chewing gum packet. For your info, please let us know that this system is an entry level TV stick that can be connected to a TV and a computer. Android PC has a weight of 31 grams. However, so far, Android PCs are not available to customers on the market. So let’s learn about the price and performance of your Android PC…

Android PC X96S Price:- The company launched this computer on the Chinese market with two versions, including 2 GB/16 GB and 4 GB/32 GB space. At the same time, the company priced the first version at Rs 6,600 and the second variant at Rs 8,899.

Android PC X96S specification:- The company gave the quad-core Amologic S905 Y5 CPU, including the Mali-G31 GPU, for better performance in this gadget. In addition, users will receive support for 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage on this computer. This PC also has a full size USB port for connecting TV and computer.

Android PC X96S Sound System:- Talking about other functions, the company has received 5.1 surround sound in this gadget. In addition, consumers will get content with 4 K ultra-HD resolution.

Android PC X96S Networking:- In terms of networking, users will get apps like Android 8.1, Dual Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth version 4.2 on Android PC. Not only that, users will enjoy 3D gaming and video streaming on 3D compatible TVs via their computer.

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