The world's first motor suitcase, Rideable bag
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The world’s first motor suitcase, Rideable bag

Many people are getting tired due to the weight of the suitcase while traveling. In America, the problem has been solved. Kevin Odon has designed a motor suitcase that costs about $ 1495. You can sit on this suitcase and return to the airport or railway station. Its maximum speed is 6.5 kilometers per hour. The suitcase also has two USB ports that can charge the phone. Currently this design is only launched in the US market. Next month, users of England can use this special motor suitcase.

Suitcase Idea:
When he went to an award show in America, Liangkai had the idea to make such a suitcase. He forgot the suitcase on his way from China to America. After that he started to sit on the suitcase and make a revised design.

Maximum speed 20 km per hour:
The maximum speed of the suitcase designed is 20 kilometers per hour. This suitcase can be cut to a few kilometers. Liangkai has installed rechargeable power lithium battery in the suitcase. Apart from this, it also includes handle, gear, brake, light, horn and GPS tracking system.

The battery charged in 1 hour:
Currently Chicago’s company is developing Modobed suitcase Scooter. The company will also add some new features to this suitcase. A person with a weight of 118 kilograms on this suitcase can comfortably travel on it. Once the full battery is charged, the suitcase can run up to 10 kilometers. The battery of the suitcase gets fully charged in 1 hour. Apart from this, there are two USB ports, which can be used to charge a laptop, mobile or tablet.

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