The world’s youngest child was born in Japan with 258 grams of weight

Japan’s youngest child born in the world allowed doctors to take home on Friday. This baby named Yusuke was born in October 2018. At birth only weighing 258 gm. This baby’s weight has gone up to 3 kg after more than 6 months of ongoing treatment.

This baby’s mother Toshuko had to deliver only in the 24th week of Pregnancy due to high BP. Yusuke’s length was 22 cms at birth. Because of weight loss, he kept it in a neonatal care unit. The baby’s feeding was done by a tube in the hospital.

After this treatment lasted for more than 6 months, its weight increased 13 times to 3 kg. Yusuke’s mother said that when my son’s size was very low at birth, it seemed that he would break through the bark. Now I am so happy that it is growing rapidly. I can feed and bath in my house.

The probability of having a baby surviving 22 weeks is only 10%. The probability of living children in 24 weeks is 60%.

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