The spyware virus is reaching the phone by Missed call
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WhatsApp: The spyware virus is reaching the phone by Missed call

To protect yourself from software spyware, Whats App has been advised to update the new version of the app (2.19.139) immediately. According to the company, a software is being installed on a smartphone by voice missed call. The phone has a risk of virus attack and phone damage. Users only hack data including cameras, mic, e-mails and not just phones. According to the New York Times report, social media has raged. This spyware was developed by Israel’s Cyber ​​Intelligence Company NSO Group.

Whatsapp said was found in the beginning of the month of May. The Advanced Cyber ​​Act is responsible for this. In it all are hallmarks, which are in a private company. According to the company, this software can be hacked by the phone. Information related to the bank with the photo, video, contact, chat and call details of the users is also at risk of theft. The most dangerous aspect of this spyware is that hackers can take the smartphone directly into their control and access all the information on the phone.

Spyware is a term of software category. It is used to steal or hack a user’s personal data. There are a lot of spyware software that is used to hide the user’s computer, laptop and phone. Device crashes can also cause viruses by sending viruses along with data stealing. There are four types of spyware: kilogars, password stealer, infestelor and banking trojan.

Hacker makes a voice call to target users in WhatsApp Spyware is installed on its device by not receiving or receiving a user phone. Then the call log disappears from that call log. Users did not know that their phone was hacked.

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