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Xiaomi Will be launch 10 Products in India by 2020, including smart fish tank, jacket and electric pressure cooker

Chinese tech company Xiaomi is releasing a smart device quickly on the Indian market. Xiaomi is now populating the world not only for its amazing smartphone quality, but also for its unique products. On the global market, the company has introduced many other products, including smart fish tanks, electric cookers and smart jackets, which can now be released on the Indian market.

1) Electric pressure cooker:

Electric pressure cooker
This pressure cooker has been commenced in China. It could cost up to Rs 6,300. This cooker looks like an ordinary cooker in appearance. It is made of strong Korean aluminium, including electromagnetic phase lace pressure control technology. A variety of micro pressure relief points are given. It also features a large LED screen that provides cooking information. This cooker can also be regulated via the app.

2) Heated jacket:

Heated jacket

This jacket can be priced at Rs 5,000 in India. The jacket is one of the company’s specialty products. Such jackets designed for colder climates, use smart temperature technology. The jacket is equipped with a 10,000mAh power bank, which keeps the jacket warm for up to 7 hours. It offers a three-speed temperature control feature. This jacket is a waterproof jacket.

3) Smart Fish Tank:

Smart Fish Tank

Smart Fish Tank, which has been introduced on the global market, is also set to be released shortly on the Indian market. It will cost up to Rs 3,000 in India. The way it is made, it does not have to be replaced frequently. Nitrate and other waste materials are automatically extracted from the tank. It has a separate button for feeding the fish. The oxygen level can also be regulated with the aid of a click. Most significantly, the tank comes with a water plant and requires electricity. It can also be run with the aid of Powerbank in an emergency.

And many more electronics devices including ” Alarm Clock with temperature-humidity sensor, Smart Garbage Bin, FM Radio with Power bank, Speaker, Printer, Power-bank with hand warmer”

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